Adam Lambert’s Acoustic “Whataya Want From Me”

This is an absolutely beautiful acoustic version of “Whataya Want From Me” that Adam Lambert did on Australia’s “Australia Sunrise”. Glambert is accompanied by the always amazing, Monte Pittman, who’s debut record is out now! Watch this awesome rendition below.

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3 thoughts on “Adam Lambert’s Acoustic “Whataya Want From Me”

  1. As always he adapts to his surroundings and the lyrics.

    He looks and sounds beautiful.

    Someone should tell Adam to showcase this look more often actually; the shirt, the hair, lack of makeup and hoop earing – it REALLY works for him. Freaking gorgeous.

    Nice shoutout to Monte, he's so awesome. Love LP as well!

  2. these acoustic versions just keep getting better. while lambert's voice is an extraordinary beautiful instrument, the two musicians who accompany him play a large part in making the sessions.

    pittman's acoustic guitar is stellar (he should be playing "in my life" @ the oscars… in the future hint hint academy… hey, an idea while typing. with lambert singing. so much better than james taylor… but i digress). and longineu needs acclamation, too.

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