Adam Lambert 2010: A Year In Review

After rocketing to stardom with a runner up position on American Idol, televisions #1 show, many wondered where life would take Adam Lambert. Rumors abound from releasing an album to joining Queen as the new front man. Lambert ended up remaining solo and releasing his debut album, For Your Entertainment. After a much talked about debut performance on the American Music Awards, no one was quite sure where his career was headed from there. 2009 may have put him on the pop culture radar, but it was in 2010 that he would shoot into the pop stratosphere.

Join us for Adam Lambert 2010: A Year In Review.

Adam Lambert 2010: A Year In Review

January 19 – The Oprah Winfrey Show
– To get a seat on Oprah’s couch is a feat that very few entertainers can say they’ve done. Mother O tends to ignore flavors of the moment for artists with substance. So it was a huge vote of confidence that Oprah invited Lambert on to the show to talk about his life and his music, and then perform. There’s no better way to kick off a year – or a career – then with the big O behind you.

March 10- VH-1 Unplugged – On March 10, VH-1 debuted VH-1 Unplugged: Adam Lambert. Joining the ranks of such artists as Eric Clapton, Mariah Carey, Elton John and Nirvana, Lambert played an acoustic set filmed live in New York at an intimate performance. The set included stories behind the songs: Whataya Want From Me, Down The Rabbit Hole, Mad World, Music Again and Broken Open.  The Unplugged series isn’t for fly-by-night pop tartlets and one hit wonders. It has always been about strong performers and vocalists. Having Lambert sign on to the franchise was a vote of confidence from the industry and Lambert certainly didn’t disappoint with this one. This performance kicked off what was to become a landmark year in the performers career.

April 9 – Remixes – Lambert released an EP titled Remixes, appropriately, containing remixes of the first two singles, For Your Entertainment and Whataya Want From Me. It also included a bonus track titled Voodoo which would become a fan favorite soon after. While the single For Your Entertainment had already peaked at #5 on the Billboard Dance Chart upon the release of the EP, Remixes helped cement Lambert as a dance friendly artist. Whataya Want From Me raced up the dance charts hitting #1 for two weeks in a row on the Billboard Dance Sales Chart. He would later repeat the feat with the release of “If I Had You” remixes.

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April 13 – American Idol Mentor – In 9 seasons of being the #1 show on television, there was one thing American Idol had not done – invited a previous contestant back to mentor. It’s even more telling that it wasn’t an American Idol “winner” that was brought back, but Lambert – a runner up. Lambert mentored the Season 9 contestants during Elvis week. Bringing showmanship and a visual flair that hadn’t been seen on the Idol stage before, Lambert certainly helped the contestants to step up their game. 21 million people tuned into watch Lambert help mentor the contestants and 21 million watched the next night as he performed Whataya Want From Me.

Whataya Want From MeMay 1 – Whataya Want From Me Hits #10 – With the release of the May 1st issue of Billboard, Whataya Want From Me had climbed the charts to peak at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100. Airplay of the song was extremely high and sales were booming. The second single from For Your Entertainment became Lambert’s highest charting single to date, and his first Top 10 hit. The song would go on to sell over 1.5 million copies and remains high in recurring radio airplay.


June 4 – Glam Nation Tour Kick Off – The first show of the Glam Nation Tour kicked off in Wilkes Barre, PA. The sold out show was the start of Lambert’s first tour, and subsequently, where the “Glam Nation” began to really build. Fans came decked out in Lambert-like clothes, wearing top hats, gloves and glitter in places you didn’t know it could stick. The 100+ date tour would go on to make over $5 million and play to 99% capacity.


If I Had You (Radio Mix)    October 2 – ‘If I Had You‘ Peaks – The third single from the debut album peaked at #30 on the Billboard Hot 100 the week of October 2nd. Solidifying Lambert as a pop star to be reckoned with, If I Had You also hit #1 on the Billboard Dance Sales Charts, just as its predecessor did. The single marks the second Top 40 hit from the album. It has sold over 800,000 copies.

November 20 – Spoofed on SNL – You know you’ve made it when you have been spoofed by the Saturday Night Live gang. The November 20 episode featured a small bit with an Adam look alike singing a high pitched note for what feels like forever. It wasn’t mean. It wasn’t necessarily making fun of him. The spoof was more making fun with him.

  November 21 – E! True Hollywood Story – The only American Idol runner-up to have an E! True Hollywood Story, the show interviewed Lambert’s family and friends and focused on his life up to that point. Yet another testament to the Industry’s belief in Lambert and further proof he had made it.

December 1 – Grammy Nomination – The Grammy Nominations announcement brought a pleasant surprise to Lambert fans around the country, as it was announced he had been nominated for Best Male Pop Vocal for Whataya Want From Me. There are rumors that Lambert will be performing at the Grammy ceremony. He will go up against Michael Jackon, Bruno Mars, John Mayer and Michael Buble. Not bad for a debut album.

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December 6 – Acoustic Live! EP – The second EP to come from Lambert this year is an ode to his vocal brilliance. While For Your Entertainment featured huge production, Acoustic Live! focused soley on the vocals. Acoustic arrangements and guitar by Monte Pittman elegantly feature the amazing range of Lambert, while giving a new life to the songs.

2010 has been quite a year for Adam Lambert and the Glam Nation. With the results of a lot of hard work in 2010, fans have a lot to look forward to in 2011 and beyond. We’re just here for the ride – & the entertainment.

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31 thoughts on “Adam Lambert 2010: A Year In Review

  1. I Really think that Adam is going to be iconic and I think his vocals are going to start a trend to bring singers back on radio, who can actually sing! Adam is so charismatic and creative that I think the music industry will be influenced by his talent.IMHO ,he will fill the void left by Elvis,Freddie and Michael.

  2. As long as Adam cares for his amazing voice (no Whitney, Mariah abuses), keeps his focus on the music and doesn't allow the fame to affect him too much.. He will be a Mega-star referred to by one name only.. ala Madonna, Bono, Cher, Elton, etc. I wish him nothing but good Karma.

  3. Yes for sure! I think his next album will be huge. Think of Kelly Clarkson's debut. Pretty big hit. But she broke open wide with her second album and became a super star.

  4. Thank you so much for taking your time to do this.
    Wonderful recap of the Life of Adam Lambert
    What a year it has been:) squeeeeeeee
    Next stop….receiving the Grammy:)

  5. I have been following Adam since I accidently tuned into AI and there he was singing Satisfation. Thanks for your recap.It's been a fun year. I have laughed at him and been mad at him a million times this year but so glad I accidently tuned in that day. If you are a whore I am a pimp, check out Adam's ACOUSTIC LIVE!EP…so good. kitkat

  6. It is my prayer that Adam Lambert continues to rise to levels of success beyond all imagination, and that he continues to be respected as a talent in the music industry as well as for being a beautiful force for social change in the world. Thanks for this article.

  7. Adam WILL be the next iconic superstar. He's on the way now and nothing's going to stop him. He's the best entertainer, best singer, best looking and sexiest person on the planet. Does it sound like I'm smitten much?

  8. Adam is definitely a game-changer. So excited to see what each new day brings for him (and us). Love the new EP — just wish it were longer because it's over before you know it. But that's Adam: always leave them wanting more. Greatly looking forward to the new album.

  9. Just for the record For Your Entertainment has sold way over a million copies worldwide. Nearly half of Adam's fans live in other countries so the number is probably double the 800,000 you mention.

  10. Adam is by far, the very best performer I have seen and heard in a very long time. I also had the pleasure and honor of meeting him in Sept in Tampa at the M&G and found him to be very genuine and very warm person. That brief meeting for me was a definite high point in my life. I've loved everything he has sung whether pre-Idol, during Idol and up to the present. I look so very forward to continue watching him become the International sensation that he was meant to become.

  11. I am a big Adam Lambert fan and have brought my granddaughter and great grandaughter along for the ride. Although the gg is only 5 she carries Adam's cd wherever she goes, she loves the picture. My granddaughter and I did all of the Easst Coast Glamnation shows in 2010. It was quite a thrill. I pledged my support to Adam when he was on AI and will continue my support of him. Such a nice person and exciting entertainer!

  12. Adam is amazing. Everything he's done and everything he is….and isn't just sets him apart from all the rest. His Idol performances were fantastic, his tour was a huge success. I wonder who will cast him in the lead roll of a great movie. Adam is so much more than the best singer alive today (imho) but he could be a huge movie star, he could design fashion, or really anything he wanted to do, and be the best at it. I know that his focus is on music right now, but I hope he will also include other things in the future.

  13. Great recap….This member of the Glam Nation anxiously awaits the events of 2011…bigger, better, glammier and fabulous. Adam Lambert is an unstoppable talent, a spirit leader and gift from the Universe.

  14. @Thelma – Thanks for sharing your story! That's so awesome that it's become multi-generational! That truly says something about Adam.

    @Anonymous – The sales i quoted were for the U.S. only. Sorry, I should have been more specific on that one.

    Thanks to all of you for your comments! It's truly a sign and testament to the immense talent he has.

    It's also telling that in just a bit over 24 hours, this has become THE MOST VIEWED page on in our 8 months on the interwebs! Thousands and thousands and thousands of page views in just over 24 hours!

  15. Don't forget we want to give Adam a platinum for FYE in the USA – sales are up, but we need to go the extra mile to make it happen!!

  16. Thank you so much for a wonderful review of Adam's year in 2010. And I agree with one of the comments that it would take a BOOK to do a full review of what he has been up to and achieved in the last year alone. But please, could you please update and include the all the awards and recognitions he has achieved internationally as well. He truely is an INTERNATIONAL SUPERSTAR. We from Australia, Asia, and Europe just can't get enough of him and will support him in everything that he chooses to do. Fans have rallied to vote him the Sexiest/Best Entertainer/Best Male Vocalist/Hottest/Best dressed celebrity of the year on many online polls. And he absolutely tops every single one of those polls. No one else even came close. Adam is here to stay for a long time!!!

  17. Thank you for this article! I celebrate with all of you here Adam's successes this past year. He's only just getting started, and I've never this excited about an artist before. Adam Lambert is the whole package: talent, intelligence, beauty. I will follow him for years to come.

  18. Its gratifying to read isolated rewards and respect Adamlicious has deservingly attained in controversial US of A.. not much comparison to his International SUCCESS & POPULARITY.
    Exciting Excelling Extremes is our Adam, splendidly sexy and rockin hot colourful talents – naturally ..OMG has he 'raised the bar' equates Excessive Extravangance beyond any Entertainer past present and to come ..winks

    Gift of the Gods ?!!!

    I believe so πŸ˜€

  19. Very descriptive writing Lovers! And I agree 100%. You are right, his isolated rewards in USA is no comparison to his international success and recognition. These should be highlighted as well, because our Adam has brought together people from all walks of life, all social/racial/financial/physical/sexual differences. This can even be counted as one of his greatest achievements. He is yes, GIFT of the GODS.

  20. Now if we can get Adam to perform at the grammys, maybe Adam will be reconized here in U.S. like he is internationally. His time will come I'm sure, but you have such a gift that is so rare in todays music industry we just want to shut it from the roof tops for AMERICA to wake up! great article thankyou!

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