A 3D Ice Road Truckers Movie?

In a bit of complete unnecessary-ness, news comes today that there is a 3D Ice Road Truckers movie in the works. Not only is an Ice Road Truckers movie completely unnecessary, but in 3D? If you’re thinking this will be just one long episode of the series, it’s not. This will take the series and give it some sort of plot.

Aint It Cool News
reports“They’re hatching a plot around the storyline of the series, which covers a group of truckers who drive 18-wheelers over a 350-mile highway made of ice, as they haul equipment and supplies to diamond miners working in the tundra of Canada’s Northwest Territories. It’s a dangerous job given the brutal cold, breakdowns, crashes and melting ice on the remote roads are potentially fatal. “It is very much a tough guy movie,” Moore said. “Here’s a bunch of characters who tackle problems by getting in there and getting things done. We’ll turn it into a mission movie that harkens back to Towering Inferno, Jaws, or The Guns of Navarone. You got a problem, go solve it.”

This seems…um…. unnecessary.  The fact that it’s filming in 3D just makes it three dimensions of unnecessary.

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