89 Year Old Elaine Stritch Drops F Word On Live TV

The Legendary Elaine Stritch Drops F Word Live on Today Show

The legendary Elaine Stritch drops the F word live on Today show
Elaine Stritch drops F word on Live TV

The legendary Elaine Stritch dropped the F word live on the Today show earlier this week. A visibly shocked Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb quickly moved on. Now, the iconic 89 year old is responding to the controversy. The  film / tv / stage legend has responded:

“What F-bomb? I don’t know what the F-bomb is. I woke up the next morning and I was a very popular lady. I know how to rob a train…If you got any confidence in yourself, you say what you think is appropriate and press on. Don’t be ridiculous. You know it’s like a mystery thing on television right now. Can I say it? Can’t I say it? It’s like you’re waiting for approval from the people with the money.

Stritch was promoting her new documentary Shoot Me. Check out Stritch giving them what’s appropriate and pressing on.

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