24 Series Finale Goes Out With A Whimper

This is kind of sad. One of The Whore’s favorite shows of all time, 24, aired it series finale last night on Fox. The ratings are in and an estimated 8.9 million viewers tuned in to watch Jack Bauer in action one last time (on the small screen). This is down significantly from its Season 5 heyday of 14 million viewers, and is in line with Season 1’s ratings. There is still talk of a spin-off movie, which could launch a franchise if successful.

The good news is that Amazon is having a sale on the first 7 seasons of 24! Season 7 is only $19.99! You can also pre-order the final season for only $38.99! Viva La Jack Bauer!

Did you tune in to the series finale of 24?

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