13 of the Scariest Movies Ever

13 of the Scariest Movies Ever

13 of the scariest movies of all time
13 of the scariest movies of all time

You know the feeling. You turn your eyes away. You pull the blanket over your head. You grab your unsuspecting friend next to you as an automatic reaction. Yes, you’re watching a scary movie. They are a tradition that’s been going strong since the dawn of movie making scaring movie goers along the way. There have been a thousands upon thousands of horror movies released throughout the years. Some have been masterworks in cinema (Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho). Some have been so bad that they’re entertainingly watchable (Motel Hell). Some have been so bad that they’re unwatchable (House of the Dead). And there’s thousands upon and thousands of choices in between. Here are 13 of our favorite scary movies!

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13 of the Scariest Movies Ever (cntd)…

The Shining

A writer brings his family to an isolated hotel where he can write, while working as the winter caretaker. Stranded, the family learns that the previous caretaker had gone insane from a demonic entity that lives there.

Why It’s Scary
– Being locked in a hotel with your insane father and an evil spirit would scare the living daylights out of you, no?
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The Exorcist

A famous movie star seeks the help of a young priest to help her daughter who is possessed by demons.

Why It’s Scary
– The exorcism scene is the stuff nightmares are made of.
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Paranormal Activity

A young couple is haunted by a supernatural presence in their own home.

Why It’s Scary
– While the sequels worked to varying degrees, the original Paranormal Activity rejuvenated the found film sub-genre of horror movies. Low on special effects, it manages to be both an inside look at an average American couple…and a horrifying nightmare.
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28 Days Later

Nearly a month after an incurable virus has spread throughout the United Kingdom, survivors seek to find sanctuary from the flesh eating infected.

Why It’s Scary
– Running zombies? That means I can’t out run them & that’s freakin scary.
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The Conjuring

In 1971, Paranormal investigators Lorraine and Ed Warren help a family who is being terrorized by an evil presence in their Rhode Island farmhouse.

Why It’s Scary
– A throwback to subtler horror films of years past, The Conjuring is not only extremely scary in it’s depiction of a horrifying haunting, but it’s a damn good film.
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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

A group of friends encounter a series of disturbing incidents before being drawn into the home of a family of cannibals.

Why It’s Scary
– Leatherface! ‘Nuff said.
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A family tries to save their comatose son from being taken by evil spirits to a realm called The Further.

Why It’s Scary
– Much like The Conjuring, Insidious relies on genuine scares instead of special effects. The old woman and the red faced demon may very well haunt your own dreams.
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A group of criminals is hired to break into a house to acquire a VHS tape. When they decide to see what’s so important that is on the tape, the trouble begins.

Why It’s Scary
– While I don’t know exactly what it’s like, I imagine watching V/H/S, an anthology film by some of the genres best and up and coming talent, is like watching a snuff film.  You feel dirty and voyeuristic.
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Halloween (1978)

A psychotic killer escapes the institution he is housed in returns to his hometown and stalks a teenage girl.

Why It’s Scary – That mask. That POV camera work. Michael Myers creepy movements and head jerks.
This is one of the classics.
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The Silence Of The Lambs

A young FBI cadet must earn the trust of an incarcerated serial killer to get information on another serial killer who is on the run.

Why It’s Scary
– OMG! It’s about a serial killer that murders women to make a skin suit! It’s freakin terrifying!
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The Omen (1976)

An ambassador is talked into switching his wife’s stillborn baby with an orphan baby. When the baby turns five, a series of extremely unusual events begin occuring making the ambassador realize his young Damien may be the antichrist .

Why It’s Scary
– A 5 year old that’s the the devil himself? That’s terrifying. Further, this Gothic thriller plays on a parent’s worst fears.
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A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)

In their dreams, a child murderer stalks the children of the lynch mob that killed him…one by one…

Why It’s Scary
– You can’t run away from your freakin dreams…and that’s where Freddy Krueger lives!
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Friday the 13th (1980)

Camp Crystal lake becomes the site of gruesome murders of the camp counselors years after a boy’s drowning.

Why It’s Scary
– The true killer is barely shown until the final fifteen minutes of the movie…and that makes it all the more scarier.
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