12 Day The Simpsons Marathon Coming To FXX

12 Day The Simpsons Marathon Coming to FXX

FXX will air a 12 day The Simpsons marathon
TV’s longest running scripted show The Simpsons gets a 12 day marathon on FXX

TV’s favorite  yellow family will be on our TV’s continuously. FXX has picked up The Simpsons and will celebrate their new acquisition by running the show continuously for 12 straight days. The Simpsons, the longest running scripted TV show in history will head to the FX spinoff channel FXX in August – the first time the show will be broadcast on cable. The deal is worth $750 million.

Since The Simpsons has now aired for 24 seasons with 574 episodes (and counting), FXX would not have to broadcast a repeat for more than 6 months. FXX will get the rights to air the episodes for the new season, a year after they debut on Fox. For instance, The Simpsons, now in Season 24, will be available to FXX in September of next year.

Further, FX chief executive Jon Landgraf told Variety that an app for The Simpsons will debut concurrently and will be a complete guide to the entire Simpsons universe. “Think of it as a comprehensive, beautifully curated digital library of all things ‘Simpsons. I’m absolutely blown away by what I’ve seen. This could well be the best app I have ever seen“.

The Simpsons marathon will broadcast all 24 seasons in a row, beginning in August on FXX.

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